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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pooky's Gone

Pooky's gone and I'm not happy about it. I should've known something was up when her was cleaning her room... She went for a ride with Mum and Dad and didn't come back with them. Nobody asked ME if it was OK for her to go away and leave me and the stupid cats.

I miss her.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I've been so preoccupied with worrying about my beach and this storm called Irene that on Friday I forgot to post DAD'S HOME! DAD'S HOME! DAD'S HOME! I'm ever-so-happy when my favorite humans are in one place.

So Saturday morning we had to walk the whole length of the beach sidewalk to get to the handicap ramp because all of the stairs to the beach were gone! They took away the trash barrels too. I tried my best not to poop, but a guy's gotta go when a guy's gotta go... Mum had to carry my stinky bag the whole time. She said it was OK and still loves me.

I got to see Lily's mum, George's people, Mrs. President, Maddie's people and lots of others for love and pats. I didn't see cousin Ruben though. I met a "St. Pierre" vacationing from Montreal; she is half me and half Lab and is in training to be a service dog for the blind. I'd probably be good at that if I wasn't so big. I'd make an excellent therapy dog, though.

It rained really hard all night and I got soaked when I went out for my morning pee. I like getting toweled off! I hate to understand it but I know that when it's raining it means no beach. We went for a ride, went for a ride, went for a ride in the Jeep and I was soooo excited cuz we went the way we go to the beach! But it was really windy and the waves were scary big and noisy so I didn't have a good time when I decided to try a little walk.

Now I've been home, snoring in-between keeping an eye on my people, making sure they're safe in the storm. I love my people.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's a Guy to Do?

Picture this: one Rudy at the door waiting to go out, two squirrels in the yard... What's a guy to do? Which one do I go for? The one with the fatter tail, or the one a little closer? What to do, what to do, what to do...

I went for the one with the bigger tail. And didn't catch him. Tried then to get the other one but he was already up a big pine tree, laughing at me.

I'm exhausted.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yo Quiero Sabado

I love Saturday! I got to see my regular beach buds AND I got to meet Stella the chocolate Lab baby. Stellaaaaaaaa!!! She's cute and I think she likes me. Maddie was there and her humans are so kind that I gave her dad a kiss, then I licked her, too. I don't usually do that but I really like them. Max's nose has stopped bleeding but his mum thinks he will have a little scar. I told it will give him character. There was a fight on the beach but we were too far away for me to intervene and tell the pups involved to settle down.

When we got home I had my breakfast then went for my first nap du jour. While I was snoozing, Mum went outside and pulled up all the mushrooms in the yard. (It's kinda damp living on the river this time of year.) She doesn't appreciate me perfuming myself by rolling on them. She even got rid of the pretty pink ones! Maybe I can find something else to roll in...

I've had my noon chew and it's back to the basement for cool nap #2.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

I Hate Mondays

My waterbowl should say I HATE MONDAYS. Mum goes to work, Dad isn't home right now and Pooky sleeps until 11. Plus it was raining this morning so I didn't get to stay out beyond doing my business. Mum says until the skunk smell leaves me (don't ask) I'm not allowed to get wet. Apparently my fur smells worse than my breath right now. Geesh.